About MMS

Middletown Montessori School provides toddler through kindergarten education, in an environment which fosters the love of learning by stimulating a child’s natural curiosity to discover the world around them. We blend academic excellence, intellectual independence and moral principals in the Montessori tradition. 

Our Story

We are a non-profit corporation, founded in 1990 by Barbara Waters, Sharon Kukawski, and Phyllis German, three dedicated teachers who strongly believe in the philosophy emphasized by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Our founders actively teach and administer at MMS today, along with a dedicated staff of certified teachers who collectively have over 50 years of experience using the Montessori method of education. 

“There are many who hold, as I do, that the most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the first one, the period of birth to the age of six. That is the time when man’s intelligence, his greatest implement, is being formed.”  -Maria Montessori

We strive to nurture and foster all areas of development in the child. Our goal is to help each child learn life skills, become independent, promote order and concentration and develop a love of learning!

Our program has served families from eight school districts in surrounding Delaware and Chester counties. The school is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Private Academic Schools and the Department of Public Welfare. MMS is affiliated with Montessori Centre International in London, England.

Why Montessori

The foundation of our academic curriculum is based upon the teachings of Maria Montessori (1870-1952), who established the Montessori method of education. She was an internationally known Italian educator and physician, who recognized that the years between two and six are critical in the educational and social development of the child. It is during this time that a child acquires a fundamental attitude towards both the learning process and social behavior. 

Our classrooms are designed to give a child freedom to choose work in a prepared environment. These materials are designed to awake the 5 senses and motivate the child from within. All our classrooms are divided up into Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Cultural.

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Our MMS Family

At MMS, we feel that families are the foundation of the school and having them join together enhances the school’s core. There is a parent-to-parent organization that helps to foster a sense of community amongst the families through events both on and off campus. PTP holds monthly meetings and hosts our annual Harvest Fest during the fall back-to-school season. Additionally, we incorporate parents into our curriculum. All students put on a Holiday Show in December. Kindergarteners host an annual “Donuts for Dad” breakfast. Every child’s birthday starts with a visit from mom and dad. These are just a few examples. At MMS, families are truly a core part of the school.