Curriculum and Programs

Middletown Montessori offers a variety of programs catered to a child’s age group and specific developmental needs. Part of the Montessori Philosophy is the idea of a mixed aged/ungraded classrooms and that is why our classrooms overlap. Children work in small groups or individually in the classroom. Playground or free play is incorporated into the daily program.

All our classrooms are divided up into Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Cultural.

Practical Life

The exercises in practical life help develop order, concentration and independence. The repetition of activities develops fine muscle control and awareness in movement. Examples include water pouring, sorting, spooning, or cleaning up after snack.


The sensorial area helps the child gain greater awareness of tactile senses.  Sensorial materials aid the child’s observation powers and concentration leading to greater clarity and refinement of sensory perception.


 Language materials and activities prepare children to read and write.  Sandpaper letters, movable alphabet, metal insets and phonetic objects are some of the equipment found in this area of the classroom.


The Montessori hands on apparatus help the children construct precise order.  These materials provide a strong foundation in math.


Dr. Maria Montessori designed the culture area of the classroom to help the child understand that they are an important part of the world.  The child is introduced to Biology, Geography, History and Science

Toddlers (18mo – 2.5yrs) – Pandaville

Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Diana realize that for most children, Pandaville is their first formal experience in an education process that will last many years.  It is MMS’s intent and philosophy that their class be a positive and nurturing learning environment in which children truly enjoy coming to school. Pandaville teachers design curriculum and lesson plans which address all areas of learning.

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Pre-Primary (2-3.5yrs) – Cubville

Mrs. Renee and her assistant, Mrs. Mary Nell foster the child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn as they manipulate the Montessori materials in the classroom. They have freedom to explore the prepared and organized environment and develop a love for knowledge. Social, emotional and academic awareness are all readiness skills that can be observed in the pre-primary room.

Primary (3yrs – K) – Bearville and Poohville

A multi aged grouping of children can be found in the Primary rooms, Poohville and Bearville.   These classrooms offer a wide variety of materials that allow the child to grow as his abilities and interest lead him to more complex work.  Mrs. Barbara, Mrs. Sharon, Mrs. Phyllis and Mrs. Kristin observe the individual needs of each child as they explore their prepared environment.  A busy hum of activity in the classroom can be observed as the children manipulate the materials, become independent and develop at their own pace.

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Montessori subjects and materials extend beyond the four main areas of practical life, sensorial, language and math.  

Field Trips:

Once a month, various assemblies visit the school such as puppet shows, story tellers, live animals or sing-a-longs.

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Each classroom meets once a week with Music teacher, Mrs. Brenda Rose, who incorporates movement, singing and instruments with her lesson.  Kindergarten children receive an added Music class once a week to work with instruments, prepare for the holiday show and eventually their graduation ceremony.  


Art is offered on Tuesday morning to the Kindergarten children.   Mrs. Katie has joined the staff at MMS and turned our school hallways into a world of color.

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Kindergarten children meet with our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Karla, once a week and are exposed to another culture through games and songs.

After Care

MMS recognizes that parents’ schedules do not always coincide with school arrival and dismissal times. We therefore offer Before/After Care.  This service is available only on regularly scheduled school days in accordance with our published school calendar. Should your family require extended care on a regular basis, please call the office and arrange a schedule.  Families are served on a first-come, first-served basis for Before/After Care.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is offered for three weeks at the end of the school year. Every week is a different theme and includes activities such as arts and crafts, water sprinklers, pool, bikes, riding toys, and plenty of outdoor fun!

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